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Important Joint Military Exercises Of Indian Forces

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List of joint military exercises of the Indian Army
Hello everyone, in this article we have provided some of the most important and repeated joint military exercises conducted by Indian forces with the neighbouring countries.

The Indian military exercise can be divided into three categories.

1) domestic exercise

2) bilateral exercise

3) multilateral exercise

Domestic exercise – These exercises are conducted to improve internal engagement.

List of of military domestic exercise

1) Gandiv Vijay

2) Paschim Lehar

3) Vayu Shakti

4) Vijay Prahar
Bilateral Exercise : These exercises are conducted between two Nations.

List of important bilateral exercises

1. Sampriti — India and Bangladesh

2. Mitra Shakti — India and Sri Lanka

3. Maitree exercise — India and Thailand

4.Vajra Prahar — India and US

5. Yudh Abhyas — India and US

6. Nomadic Elephant — India and Mongolia

7. Garuda Shakti — India and Indonesia

8. Shakti exercise — India and France

9. Dharma guardian — India and Japan

10. Surya Kiran — India and Nepal

11. Hand in hand exercise — India and China

12. SIMBEX — India and Singapore

13. Passex — India and Russia

14. Skyros — India and France

15. Corpat — India and Thailand

16. Varuna — India and France

17. AL Nagah — India and Oman

18. Indra — India and Russia

19. Dustlik — India and Uzbekistan

20. Indo-Thai Corpat — India and Thailand

21. ZA’IR-AL-BAHR —India and Qatar

22. IMBEX — India and Myanmar

23. HOP EX — India and Maldives
Multilateral exerciseThese exercises are conducted between more than one Nation.

List of important multilateral exercises

1. RIMPAC — 26 Nation

2. Malabar —- India, United States, Japan and Australia

3. COBRA-GOLD — Asia- Pacific countries

4. Samvedna —- South Asian Region Nations

5. Kavach — indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian AirForce and Indian Costal Guard.

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