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Most important one word substitution for SSC exam

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Staff Selection Commission ( SSC ) conducts various exam CPO, CDS ,CGL ,CHSL, MTS and GD. In every exam English subject plays an important role. The syllabus of every exam is almost similar in one or the other way, the difference lies only in the difficulty level. The one word substitution, idioms and phrases, etc. are key topics to crack the exam.


The one word substitution in English consist of good weight age of marks . Every exam ask question from this topic. The exact number of questions from this topic varies from exam to exam.

English is not as hard as you think . You can easily learn the words from the root word and do revision and do previous year question papers.

Here in this article I have provided a important list of most important one word substitution for SSC exam.

▪︎Most important one word substitution for SSC exam:-

  1. Absurd – illogical or ridiculous .
  2. Acrimonious – angry and bitter (typically of a speech)
  3. Advocacy – public support or recommendation for a policy
  4. Aggravate – to increase the gravity of an offence or the intensity of a disease.
  5. Aggravation the state of becoming worse
  6. Agnostic – one who doubts the existence of god
  7. Alibi – the claim of being elsewhere when the incident took place
  8. Allegory – a story acid containing a hidden moral lesson
  9. ultravist
  10. Altruist – selfless concern for the Welfare of others
  11. Belligerent – Nations engaged in war
  12. Benevolence – generosity in helping others
  13. Bluster – loud and aggressive talk
  14. Carcinogen – a substance causing cancer
  15. Cajolment- use of flattery to make someone agree
  16. Cascade – a small waterfall or group of waterfalls flowing down a rocky hill side.
  17. Ceasefire – an agreement between two countries or groups to stop fighting
  18. Cenotaph – a tomb like monument to someone burried elsewhere , especially one commenmorating people who died in war.
  19. Cemetery – place of burial
  20. Christen – used for the first time
  21. Coffle – a line of animals or slaves fastened or driven along together
  22. Conceited – to have a very high opinion of oneself
  23. Commemorate – to keep a great person or event in people’s memory
  24. Complacent – showing satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievement
  25. Cannoisseur- a person who can appreciate art , music etc .
  26. Conscientious – guide buy one sense of Duty
  27. Convoy – a group of vehicles traveling together.
  28. Cortege – a Solemn procession, especially for a Funeral
  29. Credulous – a person who believes easily whatever he is told
  30. Culpable – deserving blame
  31. Curator – a person in charge of a museum
  32. Debonair – confident ,good looking and charming
  33. Delegate – to transfer one’s authority to another
  34. Dendrology – scientific study of trees
  35. Denature – take away or alter the natural qualities
  36. Depreciate – to go down in value
  37. Dirge – a poem or song for the Dead
  38. Dismayed – filled with depression or discouragement
  39. Dossier – a collection of documents about something
  40. Eccentric- that which is away from centre
  41. Egotist – a person who talks too much of himself
  42. Embellish – make more attractive by the addition of decorative details and features
  43. Embroil – to involve deeply in an argument, conflict or difficult situation
  44. Eminent – a person famous and respected within a particular sphere
  45. Emulate – match or surpass a person by imitation
  46. Emigrant – one who goes to settle in another country
  47. Ennui – a state of mental weariness from lack of occupation
  48. Epigram – a pithy saying or remark expressing an idea in a clever and amusing way
  49. Epitaph – an inscription written on the Tomb of a person.
  50. Equivocal – of doubtful character of sincerity ; dubious.

Learn them and keep checking our website for more parts.

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